Free Stuff By Mail

How to get free stuff by mailGetting free stuff by mail is not as hard as you might think. The main thing to remember is that you have nothing to lose by trying, and you won’t get anything if you don’t ask!  Here are some real and effective ways on how to get things for free through the mail.

Request Samples:
Many businesses offer free samples to potential customers that show interest in the products they offer. There hope is that if you like their product, then you will become a customer for life. What they are really counting on is something called “brand loyalty”, which means they know that consumers like buy products that they are familiar with.

The Internet has made getting free samples through the mail easier than ever. Many will run promotions to get fans to their social pages and give away free products in return. If they are not running a promotion, it’s easy to email a manufacturer and ask for a sample. Be sure to include your mailing address in your request. Manufacturers are more likely than retailers to send out samples.

Blog about Products:
If you have a successful blog with a lot of readers, it’s easy to have businesses send you their product samples free in the mail in exchange for a review on your website.  Search for some PR companies and get your email address on their mailing lists to get exposure to your site. PR companies frequently look for sites to send items, so be sure to include a page on your site with your contact information, that says you will do product reviews. You will be surprised at how many will!

Join Contests
This is a great way to get free stuff by mail, and it’s easier than ever to find contests to participate in. The more you enter, the better your chances are at winning. There are a LOT of small blogs who host contests trying to boost their readership numbers. Often they do not have many entrants and the chances of winning are really good. Enter often

Joining social networking fan pages of different companies, or get on the daily mailing list of “contest” sites. Find those that hold regular contests and always be prepared to answer first.

Participate in Surveys
Many companies that run surveys offer compensation to the participants. Always be on the lookout for these fan pages and announcements especially if the pages are new and if there is little in terms of competing subscribers or fans.

SASE – Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
There are a lot of companies who will send you free things in the mail if you first send them a SASE. This used to be the most popular way to get free stuff by mail, before the Internet.  Those opportunities are still out there though. And with this method, you are almost guaranteed to get the item requested, where as the other ways are often just luck if it will show up or not.

Be patient and keep trying!
Everyday when you check your mailbox, you’ll have a little present if you are a regular “freebie hunter”.  The more persistent you are, the more you will get!

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