Free Baby Shower Games

Printable baby shower gamesFree Baby Shower Games to play: Here are some ideas to keep your guests entertained at your baby shower. Feel free to print this page. Most of these free baby shower games are easy to play and don’t require too much preparation. Have fun playing these baby shower games!

If you would like to download some Pre-made easy shower games that are the life of the party, then I recommend you try the printable Baby Shower Games from Python Printables. Theirs are really fun and a great value. They also have Funny Baby Shower games you can download and print as many as you need.

Balloon Babies
Divide your guests into teams of 5 and give each team a balloon! Ask them to transform that balloon into a baby using yarn, diapers, tape, baby cloths, markers to draw faces, etc. Give a time limit. Have the Mom-to-be choose her favorite as the winner, or hold up each one and have everyone vote (but no voting for your own baby!).

Nursery Rhyme Pictionary
You need a chalkboard, a big dry erase board, or a big pad of paper mounted in a way that everyone can see it for this game. Divide the room into two teams — split the room down the middle, or do the men vs. the women for a co-ed shower, etc. Ahead of time you will need to make a stack of cards (cut them out of paper) with a nursery rhyme or song title written on each one. Each team picks a person from their team to “draw” what is written on the card while their team tries to guess it. They cannot use letters, numbers or say anything out loud while drawing — only pictures! Each team has 3 minutes to try to get their team to guess as many cards as they can. You can do several rounds of this depending on how many nursery rhyme titles you have. The team to guess the most wins. This is a lot of fun! Give the winning team members a prize — I found some cute pencils with baby feet printed on them to use as prizes for this game at a party supply store.

Here are some ideas for the nursery rhymes for this game:
Old King Cole, London Bridges, Hot Cross Buns, Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Little Miss Muffet, Little Jack Horner, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Pat-a-Cake, Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue, Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Rock-a-bye Baby, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, What are Little Boys Made Of?, Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, Hickory Dickory Dock, Jack Be Nimble, etc.

Name that Baby Song!
Give everyone a sheet of paper and pencil. Give them 3 minutes to name as many songs as you can that have the word BABY in the title!

Birthin’ Babies ~or~ My Water Broke!
Buy some mini plastic babies from almost any craft store and freeze them in ice cubes before the party. Give each guest a small dixie cup of water at the same time such and drop an ice cube baby in it. Or you could also freeze the entire dixie cup full of water with the baby in it. Guests can do anything to melt that ice faster. Whoever’s baby is the first to be “born” wins a prize (when it completely melts from the ice). They should shout “MY WATER BROKE!” when their baby is born. This is a good game to play while Mom is opening her gifts.

Don’t Say “Baby”!
Every guest gets a diaper pin to wear on his/her clothes. Everyone tries not to say the word “baby” during the party. If you catch someone saying the “B word” then you get to confiscate their pin! At the end of the party, the one with the most pins wins.

Guess Who! Baby Pictures Guessing Game
All party guests bring a baby picture of herself. The hostess collects the photos as the guests arrive so they don’t show them to other party-goers. She then displays them with a number by each one. Everyone then tries to guess who each baby is by writing the names down on a piece of paper by the number. Be sure to have name tags for your guests if they don’t all know each other. This one requires a little advance planning since you will have to tell your guests in the shower invitation to bring a baby photo of themselves. Don’t forget to return the photos as the guests leave!

The Dirty Diaper
Fold white napkins or small squares of white cloth or felt into little diapers and close with small diaper pin. Inside one of the “diapers” place a little bit of chocolate such as a Hershey’s kiss and melt it in the microwave ahead of time. Hand one out to each person. Everyone then opens their diaper and the one with the poopy diaper wins a prize!

Guess Mom’s Girth
Pass around a couple of balls of yarn or string. Have each guest cut a length of string that they estimate will fit around the mom-to-be’s tummy. Then have the guest of honor measure and cut a string to fit herself. Take her string and compare it to everyone else’s string. The closest match wins a prize! This is a fun game because the mom-to-be can keep her string as a little keepsake. I used mine to compare my belly then to myself with my next pregnancy. You can also play this one with a roll of toilet paper if you don’t have any yarn. You might want to check with Mom on this game before hand in case she’s the overly-shy type!

Guess the Baby Food
Buy about 6-10 jars of baby food of various flavors (peas, beans, banana, pear, sweet potato, carrots, etc). Using a permanent marker, number the lids and remove the labels putting the same number on the back of each label. Save the labels to use at the end of the game when reading the answers. Give everyone a sheet of paper and a pencil. Pass the jars around, or hold them up one at a time for everyone and have everyone guess what kind of food is in each jar. Do not open the jars, they have to just guess by looking at them. The one with the most right wins! Give all the jars to the guest of honor when you’re done to use when baby is old enough. Try to use single flavored foods rather than mixtures.

Hide the Baby
Hide one mini plastic baby inside the party cake. The guest who gets the cake that has the baby in it wins a prize. Be sure to tell all your guests before they start eating that they may find a baby hidden inside (so no one accidentally eats it!)

Pin Drop
Take turns having each guest stand over an open baby bottle and drop diaper pins from their nose into the bottle. If you get it in, you get another turn, but when you miss, you’re out. The person who gets the most pins in the bottle wins. If you have a tie, run a tiebreaker round — first person to miss is the loser. The mother-to-be gets to take home the baby bottle and the diaper pins.

Guess How Many
Fill a baby bottle with jelly beans, or peppermints or some other small candy or item. Pass it around and have everyone write down their guesses on a sheet of paper. You could set this up on a table for guests to make their guesses as they arrive by writing their name and guess on the sheet. The one who guesses the closest to the correct number wins a prize. They can keep the bottle full of candy as their prize or some other prize if you want to give The Mom-to-be the bottle.

Seventh Gift
Like the wedding tradition where the one who catches the bouquet is said to be the next to get married, the giver of the 7th baby shower gift that is opened is said to be the next person to have a baby! When the Mom-to-be is opening her gifts and she gets to the seventh gift, read the card and see who is is from — then hand a prize to that person who is the “future mom-to-be” and explain that they are now declared to be next to have a child.
Baby Shower Games Prize Ideas:
Here are some items you can use for prizes for the winners of your games:

  • picture frames
  • scented soaps
  • pencils or pens with babies on them
  • small bottles of lotion
  • bath salts

Baby Shower Gift Ideas:
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FREE Stuff for Moms-to-be:
Be sure to go to the Free Baby Stuff page to put your new mom’s info on some baby coupon mailing lists and other places to get free stuff for her baby.

Have fun at your baby shower!

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