Free Stuff for Guys

FREE Stuff at CoolSavings:
Free Samples from Procter & Gamble, Head and Shoulders shampoo, Always pads, Prilosec and more (US and Canada)

FREE Wall Calendar from the IRS
for self employed or small business owners

FREE Tshirt (US only)

FREE Zyrtec sample
Click where it says, “Zyrtec 10 mg Tablets” on the left side and the sample link will appear. Must be 18. (US only, not available in all states)

FREE Road Racing Magazine subscription (US only)

FREE St. Pauli Girl poster
A limited edition poster during March 2009 only. A maximum of 400 individual poster orders will be processed each day. You have to sign up for this starting at 9 PM EST. (US only)

FREE Stetson fragrance sample “Rich Suede” for men (US only)

FREE Photo of your favorite celebrity
Request a picture of your favorite celebrity for free. (US only)

FREE Mr. Clean Eraser
while supply lasts (US only)

FREE Reach Access flosser sample pack(US only)

FREE Post-It Super Sticky Recycled Notes sample(US only)

FREE subscription to Motor Trend
for joining this driving community website (US only)

FREE Personalized Wine Lable
Personalize your holiday gift for free. Pernod Ricard USA offers personalized labels for their alcohol and wine. (US only)

FREE “Concussions in Youth Sports” info kit
for coaches and parents from the CDC. Get a clip board, magnets and flyers.(US only)

FREE Fiber One cereal sample (US only)

FREE Brain Facts book
from the Society for Neuroscience get it by mail or download a pdf. (US only)

FREE Beef jerky to astronauts for their flight (international!)
(Editor’s note: I realize probably none of my website visitors are currently planning a trip to outer space, but this was just too funny not to post it!)

FREE Beer magazine from Sam Adams. (US only)

FREE Vitamin from Walmart
Find the link to their form about 3/4 of the way down the page. It opens in a popup. Walmart usually has several other freebies at the same time in the link at the top of the page. (US only)

FREE Armor All cleaning wipes Travel Pack Sample
Click the link that says, “offers” then look for the sample link on the lower right. You have to join their site and log in to get it. (US only)

FREE Spin magazine
(if you qualify depending on your job title) I have gotten several subscriptions from this company and all of them have been completely free. (US only)

FREE Money Management Game on CD
and other free recourses to help promote financial literacy nationwide.

FREE PC World Magazine
If you qualify.

FREE Kahlua personalized Gift lables.
Get 2 lables. Use them on bottles of Kahlua to give as gifts. (US and international)

FREE Land in the USA
Get a free square inch of land in any state. Own a piece of America for free!

FREE item of the month from Billy Graham
Be sure to check the box that says you are not making a 3rd party request. (US only)

FREE Glad Trash bag samples and offers (US only)

FREE Donut
At most Krispy Kreme stores – current customers have told me that you can get a free hot glazed donut if the “hot now” part of the neon light outside is on. The light is turned on when they have their Original Glazed running. For many stores this is nearly the entire time they are open. Apparently they will give you one donut per day even if you don’t buy anything at all. No coupon is ever needed! YUM!!

FREE Spyware Remover software
Click the button to download it. Then run it! Editor’s Note: I was having problems with mysterious popups on my computer and it was being caused by spyware files on my computer. This got rid of them and fixed my problem. I highly recommend it.

FREE Pin from Shakers Vodka
shakersvodka-free pin (US only)

FREE Disposable email address
This is neat. The Terminator of email addresses. If you need a one-time or short time use email addy, you just make one up, then go look it up to read your message, but you can’t send from it. No password needed (so don’t have anything sensitive sent there) or sign up needed. It self destructs after a few hours. I love it.

FREE Celebrity Photos. (US and Canada)
Lots of different celebs. Request a photo of your favorite. I’ve heard from some people that these really do come, but they take a long time. Sometimes they even come autographed.

FREE CD labeling software Sample
from Office Depot (US & Canada)

FREE Send a Postcard in the Mail to someone
Go to the Mini car site and wait for the popup to load. Then look under “Motor On” for “mail a mini”. You can send a postcard to anyone in the US for free.

FREE Stuff from the US National Mental Health Information Center (US)
Dry Erase Boards, Notepads, Pencils, Magnets, Coloring Books, Post-It Pads, Posters, Videos, BookMarkers, books, other useful information

FREE National Scenic Byways Map
Map of the United States scenic byways. This is a huge map that is really nice. I got it last year, and have even driven a couple of the byways already! (US, Canada, and Mexico)

FREE Sample of Metamucil

PLAY CHESS FREE at Stan’s Net Chess
They offer free correspondence chess with an option to subscribe to the site to gain enhanced services. My brother has been playing chess on the net for years and he says this site is the best one! (International )

From BestWestern. Check the box for “Atlas and Hotel guide”.

Free Alaska Picture Book

Free Alaska picture book

Get a beautiful picture book from the “travel Alaska” promotion. It’s the hottest book from the coolest state!  Totally free. Just go request it here. They will also send info on their travel packages, because that is the reason for their promotion. The book is free.

I have personally been to Alaska and I can say that it is beautiful!  I went there a few years ago and visited some of my relatives who live there full time. I was there in the summer and I have never seen anything like it.  The photos in this book really make me wish I could go back again!

Request your Free Alaska Picture Book

FREE Redkin for men Beer Shampoo sample

They are giving away free samples of Redken for men beer shampoo as a facebook promotion. You have to “like” their page for a chance to get one of their samples. Supplies are limited.  This one won’t last long. Someone please use the “report link” below to let me know when this one is gone! Thanks!  Go here to request this one:  Redkin for men beer sample

favorite FREE Product Samples from Freeflys

Free samples from FreeflysGet FREE product samples from Freefly’s.
This company gives out a lot of consumer samples for other companies. They have a lot of free food samples (check out the different categories), samples for babies and a wide array of beauty samples.

The freebies they have change each week. I know a lot of people who have received samples from them. They were also recently featured on NBC’s Today Show (see video below)! Check out .

Sign up for free at .