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Best Free Stuff BlogWelcome to my Best Free Stuff Blog!  This is where I post new articles about freebie-hunting and tips on how to get free stuff online. I’ve been posting online since 1999 and have seen a lot of freebies come my way. I find the free freebies and then I post the direct links to them here in my blog where you can go request them.

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It’s easy, just visit each offer below and request the freebies directly from the retailer. Sometimes they take a while to arrive, and they often run out if it’s a popular freebie, so don’t wait.

Win some Pop Tarts

WIN a Year’s Supply of Pop-Tarts
SHARE the sweetest box of Pop-Tarts you ever did see! Then make sure to enter and WIN a Year’s Supply! Sorry, Kitty is not included!…

favorite This week at Freeflys

These are some freebies that are good just this week from one of my favorite freebie places. Get them while they’re hot!!  Here are the direct links:
Free sample of Crest Pro-Health Rinse
Free Pizza from Sbarro
Free sample of Folgers Coffee
Free drink at Dunkin Donuts

Free Good Earth Tea

Good Earth Tea is giving out free samples. “Like” their Facebook page, scroll down & click “Get Free Sample”, click “Go to App”, and fill out the form with your information.…

FREE Nescafe instant coffee sample

Nescafe has their giveaways fairly regularly. This time it is for their Memento coffee stick pack,and they send a coupon too.  They limit one per household, while it lasts.  I have received samples from them before and it’s usually delicious. …

Amazon Daily Deals

Use my link to see the “Daily Deal” at Amazon when you are shopping this holiday season. This page usually has items for 50%-70% off!  Today’s item was 53% off when I posted this! …