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This magazine has always been free. There is no bill ever.  Go to their site at Baby Talk here to request a totally free subscription. Just enter your address.

Free Baby Magazine Subscriptions are nothing new.  The publishers want to keep their readership up so that they can sell their advertising.

Being a new mom is scary and totally mind blowing.  A baby may be a bundle of joy but it also gives a bundle of nerves to the mother.

Because a baby is very fragile and could not speak, a mother needs to use her instinct to properly take care of her precious angel. With every cry, the mom must immediately find out what the baby requires – milk, hug, sleep or something else.

Being a mother is a bit easier for a woman who has someone that she can rely on like her husband, own mother, relatives, and close friends. But for those who have no one else to turn to but their own selves, they don’t have to go through motherhood blindly. With the help of various baby care books and magazines, new mothers can get valuable information on how to further understand their babies. These publications are very useful references especially in cases of sickness, first aid preparation, food preparation and more.

New mothers do not have to spend money just to buy baby care or parenting publications. There are actually several parenting websites on the internet that give out free baby magazine subscriptions as well. Once delivered at home, these magazines could act as reference materials should parents need any clarifications in a certain aspect.

Additional, if these new parents know someone like a co-worker or a neighbor who has kids, they could ask them for any tips on how to read the baby’s cries, facial expressions and actions.

This magazine has always been free. Request your free subscription to Baby Talk here.

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